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Stay on the Pulse of Critical Updates for New and Proposed Changes

November 20-21, 2019
  • Alexandria, VA

New and proposed regulations will initiate seismic changes in Medicare and will have immense implications for healthcare stakeholders. These changes provide tremendous opportunities and challenges for Bio/Pharma Manufacturers. In the midst of this uncertainty, the Strategic Medicare Contracting Forum provides insight into the newly proposed regulations and shines a light on what lies ahead. CBI’s Strategic Medicare Contracting Forum brings together industry, policy and regulatory experts to discuss the impact of the new and proposed changes to the healthcare industry. Join colleagues and expert speakers to stay ahead of the curve on Medicare.

Insight Into the Legislative and Regulatory Changes to Medicare and How it Will Affect Manufacturers, Including:

  • Navigate the latest updates to Medicare and the
    implications for manufacturers
  • Explore what’s new with the proposed International Pricing Index
    Model and understand what the impacts are for the industry
  • Gain insight into the status of the safe harbor protections for
    rebates under the anti-kickback statute and explore
    implications resulting from their potential removal
  • Assess value frameworks and the effect on patients
  • Compare and discuss different proposals for Medicare for All
  • Hear real-time updates and views from Capitol Hill
  • Position your company for success in the fast-evolving
    Medicare marketplace!