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Strategies to Attract, Acquire and Advance Top Talent in an Ultracompetitive Field

November 19-20, 2019
  • Boston, MA

As competition grows fiercer, the quantity of talented candidates in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical field grows scarcer. Join industry experts at CBI’s inaugural BioPharma Talent Acquisition Summit to uncover new strategies to attract, acquire and advance top talent. Overcome challenges regarding retention, learn how to distinguish your brand to remain competitive and discover the opportunities available through leveraging new tools to streamline talent acquisition. By the end of this day and ½ event, you will have learned how to determine the best sourcing strategies to reach candidates, establish competitive positioning and continue the conversation to fully integrate new talent into your workforce.

Cutting-Edge Content Covering:

  • Talent Generation, Recruitment and Referral Best Practices
  • Benchmarking Data Covering Industry Metrics and
  • Quality Assurance in Attracting New Talent
  • Interview Tips and Tricks to Capture Candidate Attention
  • Leveraging New Technology and Social Media Tools
  • Differentiating and Distinguishing your Brand to
    Attract Top Talent
  • Advancing the Candidate Experience Beyond Onboarding
  • Retention Strategies to Nurture Top Talent
  • Review and Discuss Workforce Culture Initiatives
  • Optimizing Potential through Diversity and Inclusion
  • Capitalize on Opportunities with University Relations
  • Industry Regulations and Trends Impacting Talent Acquisition
  • Examine and Develop Global Staffing Tactics
  • Securing Top Talent Sourcing Techniques

Participate in an Interactive and In-depth Workshop

Define Interview Best Practices to Verify Quality Assurance in Talent Acquisition

Can’t-Miss Trailblazer Showcase
Innovative Models Transforming Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Strategies

Mitra Agcaoili
Executive Director,
Global Talent

Shawn Tang
Vice President,
Talent Acquisition
Cerevel Therapeutics

Beth Keeler
Associate Vice President,
Global Talent Acquisition

Industry Dynamics Driving the Talent Landscape

It’s not artificial intelligence or creative corporate structures
that some of the biopharma industry’s leaders see as the
best way to boost R&D productivity – rather, it’s simply
attracting and keeping talented people.

BioPharma Dive

Marion Dorsch, chief scientific officer at Blueprint Medicines, called talent retention the most important factor to boosting R&D productivity, which has recently faltered across the industry.
‘The industry is really suffering from turnover,’ Dorsch said. ‘In Cambridge, this is a huge challenge. And the new generation of scientists that are coming along, they are even more impatient.

BioPharma Dive

One of the biggest challenges today that manufacturers encounter is finding skilled labor. Employer demand for labor is now greater than the supply, and with the unemployment rate at a 10-year low, the question of where to turn for experienced, highly skilled technical talent is very real for manufacturers. With limited internal staff and processes to attract, source, screen or onboard, and train talent, many manufacturers are unprepared
to meet the demands of today’s labor market.

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