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Online Compendia

CBI Conference Compendia are a resource for anyone that can't attend one of our conferences. They include the conference agenda plus biographies and presentations that are provided by speakers where available. Compendia are included for all who attend one of our conferences, but all others may purchase Conference Papers by clicking the order link.

February 2016

Reimbursement and Contracting

February 4-5, 2016
  • Philadelphia, PA
January 2016

13th Annual Specialty Therapies

January 28-29, 2016
  • Las Vegas, NV

11th Summit on Biosimilars

January 28-29, 2016
  • Alexandria, VA

Patient Registries Summit

January 28-29, 2016
  • Orlando, FL
December 2015

ACO Population Health Congress

December 10-11, 2015
  • Orlando, FL

IVT’s 6th Annual Stability Testing

December 8-10, 2015
  • Philadelphia, PA